Job Seekers/Candidates:

1. In what formats can I upload my resume?

We currently only support word documents (.doc), rich text files (.rtf), and PDF files.


2. Can I request a copy of an old job posting?

No, we will remove a job posting permanently as soon as it becomes unavailable for any potential candidates.


3. What information should I put in my profile?

To build a complete profile on Eco-Jobs Corp you will need to provide the following information:

a. Name

b. Contact Information

c. Keywords (for employers to search your resume for)

d. Career Summary / Work experience

e. Current Employer [option for in-between jobs]

f. Current Rank/Title/Designation

g. Current Salary

h. Current Profile

i. Current Location and Whether or not You’re Willing to Relocate

j. All previous employers

k. Internship information

l. In-between projects worked on

m. Career Goals

n. Industry

o. Education and Certifications

p. Any Honors and Awards You Have Received

q. Professional Memberships

r. Skills – IT, Software, Programming Languages, etc.

s. References

t. Total Years of Professional Experience

u. Employment type

Not all of the information is required at the time of registration. For registration you only need to provide your name and contact information. The rest of the profile can be built later.

4. How many resumes can I upload?

You can upload up to five different resumes. Once you have created one resume with Eco-Jobs Corp, you can use that resume as a template for others. You can also download a resume created with EJC in word (.doc) format.

When you forward your profile, you will be allowed to select one of the five resumes. This process is made easier by providing you an option to choose a default resume from your list. If you do not choose a default resume, the first resume you posted will be selected as your default resume. You may choose to hide all your resumes from all employers.

You may also forward your profile and resume to someone who has not listed their job posting with EJC via email [system provided on the website].

5. How many resumes are visible to employers at one time?

All employers will only be allowed to see just one resume. This will be your default resume and you will select and/or change it as necessary.

While applying you will be able to choose which resume you want to apply with.

6. Does EJC provide online skill tests? [This is a feature that can be developed at a later stage, for this we may want to collaborate with BrainBench.com (or other such websites), they provide a wide variety of such tests]

Yes. Eco-Jobs Corp provides skills tests in many fields, including but not limited to Aptitude, Application Development, Computer Languages, Computer Skills, Customer Service, Engineering, Essential Skills, Financial, Graphics Art and Design, Health Care, Industry Knowledge, Information Technology, Languages and Communication, Legal, Management, Marketing, Math, Multimedia, Operating Systems, Personality, Sales, Software, and Web Development.


Only the test scores you want employers to be able to access will be visible. An employer may request any of your test results if you make it to the final round of an interview. If you are in the top ten candidate list for consideration, the employer may send a request to receive your scores if available for a particular skill. This request will go to you directly and only if you confirm the request will the employer receive the details of your tests.

7. Can I upload video resume? If so, how many? [more research required] 15-20 mins

You can upload a video resume in one of the following formats: .avi, .mpeg, Windows Media, Shockwave (.swf), Quicktime, or Real Video. You may only upload one video resume.

You may have this resume open for all employers or hide it and send it selectively. You may also attach you video resume along with your default resume while applying for jobs.

8. Will I be able to upload a photo of myself?

Yes you may upload a professional photograph with plain background. The size of the photograph should be [3.5 x 4.5 cm]. Any other size photo will be automatically reduced or enlarged to the standard, and this may distort your picture. It may be in .jpg or .gif formats.

9. Will I be able to find a mentor who can guide me through my career?

Yes, Eco-Jobs Corp provides a platform in which experienced professionals may tutor upcoming talent in various industries. We will allow any person to sign up as a mentor in specialized areas of interest. They will be listed on the EJC website.

Initially, you can contact any one of our listed mentors only through EJC and it is up to the mentor whether or not he/she will take you as their mentee.

10. How do I become a mentor?

If you have an inclination towards helping young people succeed in their career, Eco-Jobs Corp provides you a platform to register yourself as a mentor and find highly motivated individuals who would appreciate your expert guidance in building their career. To become a mentor you should be registered with Eco-Jobs Corp and have at least four years of experience in the field you would like to mentor. [we can further develop on the requirements]

When you register to become a mentor, you will be listed on Eco-Jobs Corp “Mentoring” section. Registered EJC candidates will be able to view your profile and send you a request to accept him/her as your mentee. They will be able to contact you initially only through EJC preset forms and then you may share your contact information. [we will need to hide the contact info from their profile as well]

11. What are the benefits to becoming a mentor?

There are many benefits of becoming a mentor not just with EJC. There is a sense of satisfaction by helping deserving candidates reach the pinnacle of their career. When you enter the Mentorship program with EJC:

* You will make new connections

* Meet other mentors

* Identify qualified candidates for your own organization

* Place the achievements of this program on your resume. For this you will have to record the number of hours worked and the activities done, on EJC. You may choose to attach this report with your resume while applying for jobs on EJC. You may also send a stand-alone report to any employer via email through EJC or download the report for later use.

12. What if my mentor/mentee does not follow through?

Though legally, EJC cannot take any action against defaulters of the Mentorship program, you may file a complaint with us and after examining the case we may blacklist the individual on EJC website for the Mentorship program.

13. Can I view who visited my profile? [more research required while building the programming]

Yes, Eco-Jobs Corp keeps a record of the activities that happen on your profile. You can choose to receive this report weekly or monthly or you may just want to visit this section when you login to your account on EJC.

The report shows who visited, date and time, keywords searched to reach your profile, if they downloaded your resume, if they saved your resume for future reference etc.

This report is also available for the mentorship program. [this may be a paid service]

14. Does EJC provide career advice services?

Yes. Eco-Jobs Corp provides a wide range of advices with the help of articles, videos and expert interviews. The career advice services include, but are not limited to:

a. Job hunt strategies

b. Career mapping

c. Career Benchmarking

d. Career Planning

e. Interview advice & tips – general and specific to a field

f. Education requirements for the career goal including certification and tests

g. Workplace advice

h. Information and advice on getting a promotion

i. Career change strategies

j. Salary Guide & Calculator

k. Employment Law Guide

l. Resume samples for various fields

m. Green career options

n. Career Counseling [This is a paid service]

You may also suggest new topics that could be helpful to any one in their career and we will try to incorporate it as soon as possible.

You may sign-up to receive an email whenever a new item is posted on the website.

15. Does EJC provide career counseling/coaching service?

Yes. Eco-Jobs Corps has a number of qualified career counselors that can help you through your career. You may contact us through our online forms under the “Career Advisor” section and a counselor will contact you soon. Our experts help you in the following areas:

* Determining your Skills, Talents, and Abilities

* Planning your Career and Setting Goals

* Researching New Career Fields

* Job Interviewing

* Salary Negotiations

* Developing your Network

* Job Search Strategies and Tools

* How to Conduct an On-Line Job Search Campaign

* Researching Prospective Employers

* Locating the ‘Hidden Job Market’

* How to Find and Work with a Recruiter





16. Does EJC provide a platform for employees to write a review for companies they have worked for?

Yes, EJC will allow you to write anonymous reviews. However, if someone so chooses, they will be able to contact you for verification. All visitors will have the ability to comment on your reviews.

EJC has a preset format for the reviews:

You need to fill out the following information

i. Organization Name

ii. Current or Previous employer

iii. How long did you work there?

iv. How long ago did you work there?

v. Rate the employer on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best

1. Pay

2. Respect

3. Benefits

4. Job Security

5. Work/Life Balance

6. Career Potential/Growth

7. Location

8. Co-worker Competence

9. Work environment

10. Leadership

11. Stability

vi. Pros of working with the company

vii. Cons of working with the company

viii. Special comments

When you submit a review, an email will be sent to the organization, if registered with us.


17. Is verifying my phone number essential? [need to research the process]

Though it is not necessary, EJC encourages candidates to verify their phone numbers as this is a good indication to the employers of legitimacy of a profile. This verification is also necessary for receiving sms job alerts.

18. Can I access my professional networking profiles from EJC? [need to work out the programming]

Yes, you will be able to access services such as LinkedIn and Twitter from your EJC profile. If you make an update on your resume, you have the option of posting the news on your social profiles.

19. Does EJC provide job alert service?

Yes. You can choose to receive daily, weekly, or monthly e-mail and/or SMS alerts. However, you must verify your phone number for SMS alerts.

When you register for this free service, you will be required to place the keywords (skills or designation). When an employer adds a job posting with the matching keywords or profile matching your resume, we will send you an alert with the details of the job posting.

You may create up to five job alerts and choose to enable or disable them as per your requirement.

20. Can I talk to a representative from EJC for a consult?

Yes. We have a 24*7 live help on our website. You can contact our representative online any time. You may also send us an email at [add email here]


21. Are my contact details always visible to all employers?

You may disable the visibility of your contact information for all employers. The interested employer must then send a request to contact you through your EJC profile first and you can respond to it.


22. Can I view my application history?

Yes, EJC will keep a record of your applications for up to 30 days after which the application info will be deleted automatically in the order of creation.

You can review: The number of jobs you applied to, action taken by the recruiter, how many other candidates applied for the same job, and more.


23. Can I save jobs to apply later?

Yes, you will be able to save job openings and apply to them at a later time as long as the position is still open.


24. Can I send cover letter along with my resume?

Yes. You may have up to five cover letters and you can link them to your resumes each. You cannot have a stand-alone cover letter, but you will have the option of creating a cover letter while applying for jobs. You may choose to save this cover letter, linked to the resume used in the application, automatically during the process.

25. Can I block companies from viewing my resume?

Yes, you will be able to block companies from viewing your resume, but you will still be able to apply for a job with the blocked companies. The companies must be registered with us for you to be able to block them.


26. Will I have to pay EJC for this job hunting service?

As a Job Seeker, there is absolutely NO cost to you for creating profile, search and applying for jobs.


27. Does EJC give an option for employers to write recommendations for job seekers?

Yes, you can request a recommendation from any person.


The person giving the recommendation must either have an 80% completed profile with EJC [we need to build out %age completion of resumes on EJC] or provide their executive bio along with the recommendation. The recommendation

will then be sent to the candidate requesting it and he/she may request to modify the recommendation or accept it.


The candidate will have the option to make the recommendation visible for all or selectively send the recommendation to people/organizations (s)he chooses.



EJC has a specific format designed for recommendations. The person writing the recommendation needs to fill out the following information:

1. Full Name

2. Current Occupation

3. Executive Bio (only if 80% profile not present on EJC)

4. What was your working relationship with the candidate

5. How do you know the person

6. How many years have you known the person

7. What position did the candidate hold while you knew them

8. Strengths:

a. Punctual

b. Easygoing

c. dedicated to the work at hand

d. people oriented

e. goal centered

f. team player

g. organized

h. thrives under adversity

i. conscious of the bottom line

j. customer focused

k. efficient in her work

l. driven by quality

9. Actual written recommendation



28. Can I apply to multiple job alerts?

No. Eco-Jobs Corp believes that each position you apply for is unique and needs special attention to modify cover letter to suit the requirement. Therefore, you will be able to apply to only one job at a time.


29. What are the search criteria?

Candidates can search jobs on the following criteria:

i. By keywords like designation, key skills

ii. Categories

iii. Location

iv. Zip code

v. Employment Type: Contract, Full time, part time, Intern, Volunteer, Work from home

vi. Posted Within X Amount of Time

vii. Minimum Education Required

viii. Years of Experience Required

ix. Salary Range

When you search for jobs, you may perform one of the following functions:

* Apply for jobs

* Save this search for future reference

* Save a job for future reference

* Create a job alert for this search


30. Does EJC have a resume building service? [this is a paid service]

Eco-Jobs Corp provides the following premium services to candidates:

* Resume building

* Cover letter creation

* Interview follow-up letter creation

* Executive bio

* References

EJC provides a payment structure keeping in mind the situation of candidates. When you submit a request for any premium service, you are required to pay 50% of the total amount. We will then send you a questionnaire to understand the requirements clearly. Upon receipt of the filled resume one of our experts will contact you to begin the build-out process. The rest of the 50% payment is due once the job is done.

EJC provides a free assessment of the rate of success of your resume & cover letter in view of your career goals.

Pricing: though the prices we set for services will depend on various factors including the compensation of the employees working for the service and other overheads, following are the suggestions based on competitor analysis and estimations to give a start point for the complete build-out:

1. Resume in .doc format –

a. School/College Graduates: $125

b. Entry Level (0-2 yrs experience): $150

c. Executive Level (3-5yrs experience): $250

d. Mid-Management Level (6-10yrs experience): $300

e. Top Management Level (11yrs and above): $400

2. Cover letter –

a. School/College Graduates: $50

b. Entry Level (0-2 yrs experience): $50

c. Executive Level (3-5yrs experience): $70

d. Mid-Management Level (6-10yrs experience): $80

e. Top Management Level (11yrs and above): $100

3. Executive Bio –

a. School/College Graduates: $75

b. Entry Level (0-2 yrs experience): $75

c. Executive Level (3-5yrs experience): $85

d. Mid-Management Level (6-10yrs experience): $95

e. Top Management Level (11yrs and above): $110

4. Interview follow-up letter – $40

5. References – $20

6. Technology related services – 10% extra for each service

7. Conversion of Military & Federal resume to civil resume – 15% extra

We can have packages built later.


31. Can Eco Job Corps circulate my resume or find a job for me? [I am not sure if we should provide this service and what the process would be for this service]

Eco Job Corps sends your resume to select recruitment agencies registered with us. [this is a paid service]


1. What information is required at the time of registration?

When you register with Eco-Jobs Corp, you need to provide the following information, though all of it is not necessary:

* Name of the organization

* Employer or recruitment agency

* Contact person (for the account)

* Corporate address

* Industry

* About the company

* Address of the branch if separate accounts

* Mode of payment & payment structure (optional at the time of registration)

* Primary email (this is for the account)


2. What information should I provide while placing a job posting?

For any job posting you should fill out the following information, though all of it is not required:

a. Designation

b. Key skills required

c. Contact Email

d. Contact phone number (optional)

e. Job Description

f. Salary range (optional)

g. Other benefits (optional)

h. About the company

i. Year of experience

j. Minimum qualification (optional)

k. Detailed responsibilities (optional)

l. About the company (optional, may choose to pick from the registration info)

m. Relocation required (optional)

n. Relocation provided (optional)

o. Employment type

p. Receive profiles through emails

q. Link to their website (optional)

You have the option of hiding the name of the company in the job postings.

3. What are the search criteria?

Candidates can search jobs on the following criteria:

i. By keywords like designation, key skills

ii. Categories

iii. Location

iv. Zip code

v. Employment Type: Contract, Full time, part time, Intern, Volunteer

vi. Posted Within X Amount of Time

vii. Minimum Education Required

viii. Years of Experience Required

ix. Salary Range


4. Can I find more similar resumes as a candidate has?

Yes. Eco-Jobs Corp makes you job of finding the right candidate for a position easy. When you search for a particular profile and find the one that is a match or closets to the exact match, you may click on the “Find Similar Profiles” link next to it. This will run an automatic search for you to find the resumes of candidates with similar profiles.

For example: If I, as an employer, like John Doe’s credentials and would like to find more candidates like him, I can click on the “Find Similar Profiles” link and I will be shown a list of candidates whose credentials are similar to those of John Doe.


5. How can I keep a job posting from expiring?

This feature is particularly beneficial for organizations who hire candidates of a particular profile regularly. Once you have posted a job, rather than letting the job posting expire, you can renew the same job posting. You will receive an email seven days before your job posting’s expiration date and a last reminder two days before the expiration. At this time you may choose to renew (charges apply as applicable).


6. What is Eco Job Corps?

Eco-Jobs Corps is a one of a kind job matching website that provides a platform for candidates to look for employment, internship and volunteer opportunities with non-profits and organizations that require candidates for environmental positions. It provides organizations a large database of candidates who are interested in eco-saving jobs.

Our focus on serving non profits and assisting in filling environment oriented job positions makes us stand out in the crowd. Eco-Jobs Corp is run by environmentalists dedicated towards the cause of Saving the Earth.


7. What are the various industries that EJC caters to?

* Non-profits

* Government

* Environmental Agencies

* Private/Corporate Sector

8. What job categories does EJC cater to? [the list will be built further]

* Environmental Science Jobs

* Advocacy & Policy Jobs

* Renewable Energy Jobs

* Environmental Engineering Jobs

* Health & Safety Jobs

* Natural Resources & Conservation Jobs * Outdoor & Environmental Education Jobs * Environmental Law, Policy & Regulation Jobs * International Environmental Jobs * Environmental Jobs in Higher Education


9. Does EJC provide background checks on candidates? [we can either provide these services internally or tie-up with agencies who offer these. The types of checks are listed below]


* National Criminal Database Search

* County Courthouse Criminal Felony & Misdemeanor Search

* Terrorist Watchlist

* National Sex Offender Search

* Social Security Number Validation

* Address History

* Federal Criminal Record Search

* Motor Vehicle Record Search

* Employment Verification

* Healthcare Sanctions Check


10. Can an organization post volunteer position as well?

Yes. Eco-Jobs Corp is dedicated to serve the non-profit industry so that the most deserving causes in the world can be helped achieve their goal. You can post a volunteer position in the same way as any other position.


11. Will EJC deliver the candidate profiles matching our job posting to an email id we specify?

Yes. You may choose to receive candidate profiles matching the job posting requirements while you are posting the job, free of cost.


12. What is the payment structure for EJC?

EJC has a pre-paid and post paid system –

· Per-paid – for organizations that use EJC services extensive, this is a convenient payment plan. You may pay EJC a fixed, mutually agreed upon, amount and as you keep posting jobs the associated cost will be debited from your account. When the account reaches a 10% balance level, an automatic email will be sent on your registered email id as a reminder for renewal. You may or may not renew the account.

· Post paid – this system allows organizations to pay as and when they purchase services.

EJC has an invoice system to make it convenient for both the parties to keep track of the transactions. When you purchase a service through the post paid system the invoices will be e-mailed to you on the following business day. In case of pre-paid system, the invoice is generate when you send the request.


A hard copy of the invoice is also mailed to you, if you choose to receive it.


13. What are the modes of payment available?

Whether an organization chooses to be on the pre- or post-paid structure, they can pay through the following methods:

* Credit Card – We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. Credit cards are processed on a secure server. Credit cards are processed immediately and a confirmation of the transaction will be e-mailed to you immediately.

* Cheques/Checks – The transaction will be considered complete after realization of the check. In case of pre-paid payment structure, the postings will be made online after realization of the check.

14. We are a multi-plant organization. Must Corporate and each facility subscribe separately or may we purchase a corporate subscription?

If the HR of the different plants handled separate then it may be a better idea to have separate account, but it is not necessary to do so.


15. How current are the candidate profiles?

The candidate profiles are only as current as the candidates keep them. There is a “Last Updated” column next to the candidate profiles. This is an indication on how recent the profiles are. You may also choose to sort the profiles listed by Last Updated date to get the fresh profiles first.


16. What if we hire a candidate from EJC and that individual does not work out?

Eco-Jobs Corp provides a platform for recruiters, employers and job seekers to communicate employment needs. EJC assumes no liability for the qualifications of any candidate selected from our site.


17. Are there any sources of environmental jobs outside North America?

Yes. EJC is global in scope. However, currently immigration services are provided only for US employment. Employers outside of US will have to attend to the immigration process internally.


18. Can employers have a section to put up details of their work culture, the company photographs and promotional videos?

Yes. Eco-Jobs Corp provides organizations an entire page where they can provide some important information about the organization to attract better candidates. You may also upload one video, the content of which will be approved by the EJC committee. [This is a paid service]

Suggested Price: there’s a cost of building the template and hosting it, plus the cost of building the admin panel for the employers


o Non profits: $75

o Government: $85

o Educational Institutes: $95

o Corporate Sector: $105


19. Does EJC have a resource section for employers?

Yes. Eco-Jobs Corp provides a wide range of resources to organizations to help them build a strong team. EJC gives advice through articles, videos and interviews and the sections include:

· HR seminar listing

· Work force planning strategies

· Salary mapping

· HR best practices


You may sign-up to receive an email whenever a new item is posted on the website.


You may sign-up to receive an email whenever a new item is posted on the website.


20. Does EJC have any other guide for employers?

Yes. A whole section called “New Strategies” is devoted to inform employers of the latest trends in employment.

21. What is the “Hiring Tools” section? [need more information]

This section provides information on the tools that can be used for effective hiring of candidates.


22. What is a preferred employer?

EJC preferred employer is a recognition given to an organization on the EJC platform. An organization can earn this recognition with the number of good reviews posted on EJC. As a preferred employer, you enjoy special discount packages for EJC advertising.


23. Does EJC provide assistance in work visa? [to be addressed later]



24. What subscription packages available?

Eco-Jobs Corp provides a range of services and prices to cater to various industries and organizations of all sizes:

* Post one job – text, 500 words, 30 days

* Logo and ad color job posts, 500 words, 30 days

* Advertise job on homepage, banner, 14 days

* Advertise job on other pages, banner, 14 days

* Advertise on matching skills candidates profile pages, 7 days

* Special position in the EJC job search results, 60 days

* Update Twitter and LinkedIn from your EJC account [need to think about the process]

* Candidate Pre-Screening tool [need to see the functioning of the tool]

* Advertise job on network websites

o Homepage, 14 days

o Internal Pages, 14 days

* Resume access – Contact candidates

* Auto responder for incoming applications


Pricing: Since the focus for EJC is helping non-profits and environmental positions we should set prices based on the type of company. Though the prices we set for services will depend on various factors like the cost of building and maintaining the system and taxes that might apply the following are suggestions based on competitor analysis and estimations to give a start point for the complete build-out:

* Post one job – text, 500 words, 30 days

o Non profits: $50

o Government: $75

o Educational Institutes: $100

o Corporate Sector: $155

* Logo and ad color job posts, 500 words, 30 days

o Non profits: $55

o Government: $90

o Educational Institutes: $150

o Corporate Sector:$200

* Advertise job on homepage, banner, 14 days [taking the rate for advertising per the ad schedule for the group]

o Non profits: 50% discount

o Government: 35% discount

o Educational Institutes: 20% discount

o Corporate Sector: 10% discount

* Advertise job on other pages, banner, 14 days [same as for homepage advertisement]

o Non profits

o Government

o Educational Institutes

o Corporate Sector

* Advertise on matching skills candidates profile pages, 7 days

o Non profits: $100

o Government: $150

o Educational Institutes: $220

o Corporate Sector: $300

* Special position in the EJC job search results, 60 days

o Non profits: $15

o Government: $30

o Educational Institutes: $40

o Corporate Sector: $50

* Candidate Pre-Screening tool

o Non profits

o Government

o Educational Institutes

o Corporate Sector

* Advertise job on network websites, 14 days [same as for other advertisement]

o Homepage

* Non profits

* Government

* Educational Institutes

* Corporate Sector

o Internal Pages

* Non profits

* Government

* Educational Institutes

* Corporate Sector

* Auto responder for incoming applications [this should be a free service]

o Non profits

o Government

o Educational Institutes

o Corporate Sector

* Resume access –

o Non profits: $25

o Government: $30

o Educational Institutes: $35

o Corporate Sector: $40


Environmental jobs in any category: 10% discount

We can later build packages.


Head hunters can take up contracts with EJC to fill certain positions. For each position filled they will be paid a mutually agreed upon commission at the time of signing the contract. In case the hired candidate leaves before the contract is over, he is liable to pay this commission to the headhunter.

If a head hunter already has a candidate available for an advertised position, they may fill out the form provided on the website to contact the organization.

You may also become an affiliate at the Environment Business Network to gain commissions for promoting Eco-Jobs Corps.


Personnel Agencies:

If a personnel agency has candidate that suit a particular posted positions, they may fill out the form provided on the website and contact the organizations directly. You have the option to increase the placements by promoting Eco-Jobs Corps through Environment Business Network and get paid.

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