Career Advisor

Eco Job Corps strives to provide service to job-seekers at every stage of the application process, even well before they will need a job and long after they have received one. Our Career Advisor services are designed to help you excel in your career with the help of tools like Career Counseling, Mentoring Program, Green Career Options, and Job Hunt Strategies.

The tools will empower you with information that can help you plan your education & career, effectively research employers and negotiating salaries. Our extensive Mentor Program provides an opportunity to experienced professionals to help the newbie’s in their industry to excel in their careers. Our job search tool helps you search for opportunities available based on various criteria. Our other tools like Career Planning, Workplace Advice, Salary Guides, and Employment Law Guides will help you gain an edge over your colleagues and take you to new heights in your career.

Exceptional Career  Advisors

Our Career Counseling service puts you in the good hands of experienced career counselors for guidance. They help you identify your skills, understand your aptitude and guide you in the career direction you should take. This service is perfect for students and young professionals alike.

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